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Rudolph's Saddest Day
Story By: Kenneth Casteel Jr
Copyright Expanding Horizon Studio's
Based on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by:
David May Copyright 1939


After being hurt badly by the mocking voices of those he thought were his friends Rudolph runs out of the class room and into the barren lands of the artic. Snow, ice and a chilling wind seem to echo the feeling in Rudolph's heart.

All the little buck ever wanted was a friend, some one to care. But for his deformity he was outcast by all that view his shinny red nose. Rudolph ran along the path as fast as his legs could carry him till he fell and broke down crying in the snow.

"Why must I be different then everyone else?" He said lying in a snow bank off the side of the path.

Santa for his own reasons walked along the path whistling a merry Christmas tune.

Carried on the wind can a small cry broke threw Santa's ears, he stopped and looked around as he tried to pinpoint the sound.

Again he heard a cry; he turned his head to a little reindeer shivering in the snow. Santa quickly walked over to him shocked to see such a little buck so far from home. He bent down to pick up Rudolph but froze momentarily seeing his bright red nose.

"You must be Rudolph" He said, what are you doing out here all alone?"

Sniff…. "I… I don't want to be like this any more" the little child said before he broke down crying again. His heart was completely broken.

"It'll be alright young one, children can be cruel at times, but they don't really mean to be hurtful." Santa put his arms under Rudolph lifting him from frozen ground. Rudolph's fine reddish brown fur had turned a tanish gray.

"Good heavens you're freezing cold young one. Let's get you home" Rudolph didn't answer.

Santa yelled for help, as Rudolph went limp in his arms, passing out having been in the cold for several hours. A group of elves heard and rushed to their aid with a snow cart.

"You're going to be alright little one" He said before putting him on the cart.

Santa brought Rudolph to his home fetching a doctor to check up on him.

With one feel of Rudolph's head the doctor spoke shockingly. "The little bucks over half frozen, how could someone just leave him in the snow like this?"

"That's a good question" answered Santa "Will he be alright?"

Santa's heart sank when the doctor told him Rudolph may not make it.

Angered by the doctor's diagnosis Santa rushed over to Rudolph's residence.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Santa pounded on the door, an older male reindeer answered the door.

"Blitzen! How could you let that poor little buck wonder off so far from home?"

"What?" Blitzen replied. "I'd never let him wander off unattended Santa. Where is he?"

Santa sighed

"I found you son lying in a snow bank almost a mile from home, your boys little heart is completely broken, how could you let things get this bad?"

"His nose again" Blitzen sighed. But sir we all knew he'd have trouble fitting…." He was interrupted mid sentence

"Blitzen you shame yourself, your little buck needs you, now more then ever. He has such a kind heart, all he wants is a friend, and what better a friend then his father? No matter what color his nose is he's still your child."

Blitzen looked to the frozen ground, and sighed in acknowledgment.

"Your….Your right Santa, maybe I should go and see him? But what would I say?"

"That's a good idea Blitzen. When you look at your son just remember what that pendent around your neck stands for, and you'll find the words you seek."

Santa patted Blitzen on the back before they moved off to Santa's castle.

"Stepping into the bedroom Blitzen's eyes became fixed on the little reindeer lying motionless in Santa's bed.

"Rudolph!" Blitzen yelled as he ran to his sons side. "Rudolph are you alright?" Rudolph could hear his father but didn't have the strength to answer.

"He was out in the cold for hours, if not for Santa running into him when he did, I'm afraid we'd have lost him already." Said the doctor

Blitzen's ears flicked up. "Will he be alright doc?"

"It's…'s too early to tell, his injures will heal, but his heart is broken and I can't keep his temperature down. If this continues he may not make it."

Blitzen looked to his son, as his heart shattered. "I'm so sorry Rudolph, please hold on…. I… I don't know what to do, I can't lose you…."

Santa approached Blitzen from behind. "Know you understand, no child should be without love, and he has so much to give in return. You son shouldn't have to pay the price to teach you what you've known all along."

"Daddy….." Rudolph managed to speak saying only one word before passing out once again.

Blitzen never wanted Rudolph to get hurt so badly, the strong, proud Reindeer shed tears for his young son, not knowing if he'd see his beautiful smile and warm glowing nose again. Santa left him to be with his son as he stayed at Rudolph's side the entire night, never leaving him.  

Blitzen had fallen asleep, his head on the side of the bed. A red glow as bright as the morning sun awoke him from his dreams.

Rudolph's brownish red completion had returned, and his nose was shinning full strength the light illuminating Blitzen's heart.

"I…. I never knew it glowed…. Your such a special little buck Rudolph, how could I have been so cruel?"

"He's going to be alright Blitzen" the doctor said "He'll need to stay in bed for a few days but he should pull threw."

Rudolph had awoken in the night seeing his father lying next to him healing his broken heart.

"I'll see to it nothing like this happens again" Santa spoke with intent.

From that day forward prejudice remarks or excluding someone for the way they looked was made against the rules of the north.

Santa himself learned a valuable lesson about acceptance that day. He'd never sit by again and let any child in his village be outcast for something as shallow as having a red nose.

That night Blitzen and Rudolph became the best of friends as a father and son should be. He's never let anyone hurt Rudolph over his wonderful gift again. Rudolph would always look up to Santa and his father from this day on working to become a flier and make them both proud.

The way someone looks is never a measure of their heart. No one should ever be hurt for something as shallow as a red nose. Remember this the next time you pick on someone at school. You could be responsible for dimming a kind heart, and hurting someone deeply. Treat someone as you'd like to be treated because we are all different on the out side. But its what's inside the really matters.

Rudolph's heart is broken at school and runs away, Santa finds him in the snow many hours later, the little buck can't stand nor barely speak. Santa rushes Rudolph to his home where he learns the little buck may not survive his ordeal and goes off to confront his father.

(Don't worry happy ending)

Its a short story, just wanted to get some writing practice in. There are mistakes in grammar and stuff I don't really care for this one.

I was trying to do a kind of father son story between himself and Blitzen, and threw in the don't judge a book by its cover ideal.

This was made for nothing more then entertainment and practice.

Well I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas ^_^
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rudolph92 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Rudolph is the best friend I can ask for. If I didn't Rudolph for the first time when I was five years old, our permanent special bond wouldn't have existed.
BlitzenReindeer Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
I'm sad :(
BatfanX29 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
That was a great story! :D
Cast2012 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much, I've redone this some and added it into the film story so you can expect to see this one in action to.

I just hope the readers will get emotional over this part.
BatfanX29 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
You're welcome. ;)
I'm sure they will.
I know I did. :D
xblade12100 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
Do you know how the hoofs are on him or did you just draw him like that. Are you trying to stick to the way he was orginally drawn or mixing it up. Or is this a mix of 1964 with 1998?
Cast2012 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really Im trying my best to design a new Rudolph, I wanted to mix the 1964 and 1998 ones together, I liked the scarf on him, and the hair from the 1998 version, but I also liked word usage and personality of the old one.

I'm trying a few more ideas on some other drawings but I'm not really sure if I can do something truly different then whats already been done and still animate it. I'm not that greatly skilled as of yet.

I was trying to play with emotions in this little story more then anything.
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